Associating Unifi site with a zone

I’m trying to set up some network based presence detection with a Unifi controller. The thing is that I have a few different Unifi sites in different locations, so what I would like to accomplish is to somehow bind a whole site to a specific zone, e.g. “Work” or “Summer house”.

However, I can’t seem to find such option in the Unifi integration, so people just get listed as “Home” as soon as they connect to any configured network.

Is there an easy way to do what I want? Either through configuration or automation?

This is something I’ve wanted for ages too. The integration connects to your Default Site, which in your case is “Home” by the sounds of it. There doesn’t appear to be a way to choose a different site. I’d like to both be able to monitor multiple sites and somehow differentiate between them when I look at “Connected Devices”.
One thing I tried was having one logical site, containing all the access points, and making the geographically distinct SSIDs only available on their appropriate access points - but I couldn’t get SSID filtering to work either!

Is there any info if this is being worked on to have multiple locations and to add entities to a location?