Asuswrt and two ASUS's routers

Since 0.83 version we must uses asuswrt instead device_tracker.
But. What to do if I have 2 Asus routers. One as main AP second as WISP repeater.
So, for get full list of wifi devices we must combine 2 device lists from each router.

Before 0.83 it was possible. Now - not. We can create only one instance of asuswrt with host/login/pwd.

What to do?

I’m not sure what you are referring to.

In a normal system one router is always the “main” router that controls access and is the DHCP server. all of the other routers are just slaves from the main router. they provide access but the logins/IP addresses are controlled by the main router. So the main router should always know every device connected to it and all of the other access points, too.

Unless this isn’t a normal network set up?

Finity, it’s not normal, it’s simple network. My more complex. DHCP server and router in my case - another devices. 1st ASUS only AP, as I wrote… etc.

But question not about network structure. In more simple case you can have 1st AP in house and 2st AP in garden (with another SSID, no master/slave roles or any WDS/WISP/MESH/etc). And if some device listed in either 1st or 2nd - may mean “bro at home” for you :slight_smile:

Or as example - some stock ASUS’s firmware reports for WISP’s ap clients only info like “x clients are connecting to somename through this device”. And exact list you can get only from 2nd (WISP/WDS) device. If both based on asuswrt - from 0.83 it’s broken as I understand. Of cause you can get full list from DHCP server for example, but it will be “lease time” list - not actual for current connection, etc. Actual “now” list only on wifi AP. AP may not be router. If AP not one, and each based on asuswrt (or padavan, etc) - we have big trouble now.

Any suggestions appreciated!