Asuswrt integration not getting all entities

I configured the new asuswrt integration and it worked ok the first time I guess. But it does not get some devices I can actually see listed in my router. Am I the only one with this behavior?

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Hi Jean-Philippe,
Where are you seeing the devices listed? There are a few places where the stock firmware shows connected devices and with the latest firmware, I’ve noticed that they don’t all agree.

I haven’t had a chance to read the documentation yet. Under Network Map/View List, it now seems to list devices which are not currently connected. If you click the icon above the View List button, you can view a list which is probably more accurate. You can also look under System Log/Wireless Log and this seems to be pretty close. (MAC addresses only here).

I suspect that most integrations query the ARP Cache to determine connected devices and this tends not to be necessarily up to date.On the previous firmware, I noticed that if two phones left the house at the same time, then quite often one of them would show as being still at home. I ssh’ed into the router and queried the ARP Cache and found that the “offending” phone was still listed. It seems to be more reliable with the latest firmware.

Yes, I agree. I have this integration installed and I think it works fine. The problem is that devices connected to the wifi will disconnect over time and others will reconnect, so they will not always see all the devices.

My main issue is not offline devices still present, but online devices not detected at all.
I have a bunch of ESP devices that are online, listed in router (merlin) and pinging but not listed anywhere in HA. They were detected with previous asuswrt integration. I tried to remove/reinstall integration but it had no effect.


I think I might have misunderstood what you are trying to achieve. Are the ESP devices not already configured in HA? - no Devices or Entities for them?

I could be wrong but I don’t think the asuswrt integration will automatically configure devices for you. I always add new devices to HA in the usual way and then HA will query the router for their presence/absence and also for sensor data.

ESP was an example, it did not find a few PCs and other devices. ESP devices are integrated with the ESPHome integration but they are not seen by the device tracker. This is very weird.

Hi, did you manage to solve your problem? I have the same issue now: on the router’s menu I can see a bunch of online devices that don’t show up in HA. Others do. Those who do show up also respond to them being on-/offline (showing up in HA as home, not_home. Strange behaviour since it is partially working

I removed everything from HA, killing the ESP Home integration. Then I made sure devices were properly resolving and registering with my router. Finally I recreated the integration.