Attaching a photo to a PERSON.ENTITY

Hi all,

I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on this in the the latest Home Assistant/HASSOS. I’m trying to use attach a photo to a person.entity and it’s not sticking. Below is how I’m going about it.

  • In CONFIGURATION -> PERSONS create individual persons and attach device tracker entities to them.

  • entities are created and can be added to a lovelace card which shows “home” and “away”. “home” and “not_home” on the backend.

  • In CONFIGURATION -> ENTITIES if I pull up the entity, there is no visible options to add an atribute like “entity_picture: /local/name.jpg”

  • In DEVELOPER TOOLS -> STATES I can pull up the entity and add the attribute of “entity_picture: /local/name.jpg” and it WORKS

Unfortuantely, when the entities state changes from home to away, or vice versa, the extra attribute I entered disappears and the photo no longer shows up.

Where on earth should I be setting this so that it sticks?

EDIT: Don’t you just love when you figure this out right after you make a post :slight_smile:

Once you have created a person and attached a device tracker entity to them these are the steps that I missed:

  • In your PROFILE enable ADVANCED MODE
  • Access a new menu CUSTOMIZATIONS under the CONFIGURATION menu
  • Pull up you person.entity and add a “custom” attribute override for “entity_picture” to point to your file.
  • Ensure
    customize: !include customize.yaml”
    Is entered into your configuration.yaml