Attempted to migrate from OZW to Zwave js gave up and went back to OZW

I tried following the Beta migration Docs. I did produce the list of device names and node numbers. I installed the zwave js addon from the addon store. then I removed the OZW integration and rebooted. I added the address of the zwave stick (an Aeotech gen 5) to the zwave js integration. After some time the Zwave js integration found my devices. About 20 percent of the devices showed as unavailable. A couple of these were asleep, and I never got them properly reinterviewed with multiple attempts. Rebooting did not address the problem. On many of the switches reentering the names created a device with a “_n” suffix. Any lights built directly of those switches created duplicate light entities one with and without a numbered suffix. In some cases it was possible to delete the duplicate light entity in other cases it was not.

I chose the hard way. Remove all devices one by one and add them back one by one. Fix automations. It was still worth it. Z_wave js is faster and more reliable than OZW. PITA but would do it again and I have 90 z-wave devices.

The speed is incredible.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear - sorry.

PITA for sure. I only have 35 but most of them are inside switch boxes. I’m running in a VM so speed is rarely an issue with my OZW stuff. I’ll think about it though. THX

Mine are as well and I am running a VM on a Dual XEON supermicro server. I have an automation that turns on 8 lights in the basement. I could tell with OZW and when I was on homeseer that it was being controlled. Now all the lights come on instantaneously.

All of my switches and plugs are Z-Wave installed in the wall. The battery devices were more of a pain for me as I have about 14 for leak sensors and 4 for interior doors. I do feel your pain!

Hope everything work out whether you switch or stay with OZW.