Aubess Tuya smart switch with energy monitoring (or not)

Hello, I have just bought a pack of these switches to connect to my ovens for energy monitoring. They work in the SmartLife app and energy is recorded as expected.

In my naivete, I had assumed that they would be fully detected in HA as the other Tuya smart plugs I have with energy monitoring I. My assumption was that if the SmartLife app showed this functionality (and I have the Tuya integration running), this would translate to these new devices. I certainly have other (direct plug-in) Tuya devices working with energy monitoring, but these are rated to 16A, which the others are not.

Is it possible for me to get these working or is it required for an update to HA for this to work?

Just as important: who is going to tell my wife that I’ve bought these and they don’t do what I’d promised?


Be careful, some of them have energy monitoring and same don’t. From outside they are identical!

These definitely have it. I can see the data in the Smart Life app, just not in HA. This is a bit annoying as they were bought as a monitoring sensor.

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Yay! This has suddenly started working (since 2022.10) so I assume that something has fixed it in the update.

Thank you to whomever resolved this!!

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Did you use the Tuya integration in HA to make it work?
I see my devices (smart plugs) in the Tuya website and managed to add the tuya integration to HA.
Although I don’t see any information of the devices (smart plugs).
Is there something that needs to be added manually?

Is the service free? I noticed on the Tuya website that the contract has expired.
I read that people flash such devices with tasmota for full integration. anyone experience with that?

These are the API’s I have allowed:

Hey, guys.
I have the same problem.
If there is some uptaded in yor project and it’s work tell me, please, what did you do.

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"I have the same problem, if someone knew how to solve it that would be amazing

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idem pour moi !!!

I have the same problem, up!!!