Audio docker fails with bluez5 due to apparmor

I have HA supervised install running on Ubuntu 20.04, on a Raspberry Pi 400. This install is working for me since about a half year now, so it is not a fresh install.
I have a setup with a bluetooth speaker to play music with the VLC-telnet addon.
This was working fine, until the last week.
Now the audio module log show the following error, and the speaker is not shown in the audio module:
# bluez5-util.c: Failed to get D-Bus connection: An AppArmor policy prevents this sender from sending this message to this recipient

I have downgraded the suprvisor to 2021.02.9, as in 2021.02.10 the issue #2570 (Drop full privileged from audio plugin) became suspicous, and it helped (setup was functional), but shortly the supervisor update itself to the latest, so it is not a solution yet.
The full audio log:
audio log
System health: System_health

Can someone help me to be able to connect HA to the speaker?

Hey did You resolve this ?
Asking because I am about to use BTspeaker in similar way.
Also I think this has something to do with fact that supervisor changed way of accessing device.

I did not really solve it. The issue is really caused by the supervisor change #2570, so currently I manually edit in the supervisor docker the //usr/src/supervisor/supervisor/docker/ file, and where it creates the docker I add back the privileged right to it:

docker_container =

I am aware that this is not a perfect solution, but I did not had yet the time to figure out which cgroup shall be changed/added for a change request (and to be honest my knowledge is low to figure it out, so what I could do is more a try-crash-fix), until that I need to make the above change after each supervisor update.