Audio Receiver for old cable speakers

Looking for a device that I can connect speaker wires to it and stream audio to it via WIFI. I would prefer that I have a device that works with HA as I might want to control the audio with Automation.


How big are the speakers? Need to know some info, like Power in Watts and likely also Impedance in Ohm, to determine, what needs to be delivered to feed them.

Also, looking for a finished product (buy and use directly) or want to DIY a bit?


Is there something connected to the speakers today?
Could this device have a Chromecast audio connected to it?

They are small speakers maybe 4" x 2" that just have the + & - wires coming out of the all at the moment. Open to anything really. But do prefer off the shelf.

maybe… photos of the speakers, and the wire / the connector…?

Maybe over kill, but I control my Onkyo TX-NR696 AV Receiver through HA. Can control volume, sources and stream to it via wi-fi using Chromecast.

I have a number of automatons that use it like Geofence that turns on my receiver and starts playing music stations from the internet when I get home.

Possibly some of their lower price models will work too.

I’m using VLC Telnet integration to control speakers (Bluetooth, but anything PulseAudio-controllable would work). I’m also running JellyCLI to play music from Jellyfin library.

I have one of these:

With this:

Using this adapter:

Works well, you can use this setup in automations. Having the amp always on doesnt seem to be an issue but you can use a smart plug to cut the power when not in use. You will get a pop when it powers on though. I just leave it on at all times.
You can also connect to the amp via bluetooth if you wanted to.

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