Australia - Electrically Certified Hardware

I can’t get mine open, but can you tell from IamDan’s photos above?

**On the plus side I got the Proxmox TuyaConvert2 script working and managed to flash a Brilliant 3-point plug :slight_smile:

Not sure if this has been posted but Harvey Norman are exclusive resellers for a new brand called Connect SmartHome

Looks like they maybe using another reiteration of the Tuya Platform
And no doubt has the HN high mark up prices

Looks like someone has got them flashed successfully.

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From the look of the photos @IamDan posted earlier in this thread, it is this SOC, which is an esp8266

Same part number (P/N), different model, but isn’t all tuya stuff esp based?

(assume you are referring to these pics Australia - Electrically Certified Hardware )

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The IR blaster they have looks identical to the YTF one (HERE), will be interested to see what the HN markup is. When they can’t sell them for $50 each, they will have a fire sale and get rid of them for $15 in 6-12 mths, so best to wait and see I think.

The 3-gang light switch looks identical to the Zemismart switch listed on the Tasmota page. IE:


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Tuya Christmas lights are in at your local kmart!

They also have vintage style wifi globes (but I can’t get mine to work) and E14 size candle style bulbs !


Flashed with ESPhome yet…? :laughing:

No vintage style at the one near my parents (Marion SA) :frowning_face:

Was hoping to get some for bedside lamps, the Hue Ambiance at 1% is still a tad bright sometimes.

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Ill probably pickup a few different things in the coming weeks to toy with hahahaa

Im curious how they did the laser thing, is it just a relay over the mains? lol

If it’s a standard Tuya chipset I wonder why TuyaConvert 2 doesn’t work for these…

I use Stafford Bunnings too

So you’re the one stealing all the plugs so they never have them in stock when I want them :sweat_smile:

I was actually there yesterday tying to find one of these to get for my bathroom, and flash with Tasmota.

The site shows them in-stock, but what a surprise, they didn’t have any.

:joy: not me still looking for things. You should come over for an beer on day

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What you on about @kanga_who, You probably have more stock of brilliant smart sockets than Bunnings


Yeah but none in saleable condition! All flashed with strange firmware…

… and strange teeth marks where they have been prised open.

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I don’t know what you’re on about. I only have this many spare, I need to get some more.


Mate, when the zombie apocalypse comes, i don’t think your gonna need that many smart plugs.

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I dunno, this whole HA thing is kinda Mad Max-ish. Hacking stuff together,.

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