Australian ducted HVAC, Aircon

Does anyone know of a good aircon setup that has native integration?
16kw ducted aircon size.

I have a Mitsubishi Split (small - downstairs) and I have used this:

It works amazing.

I am looking to replace my aging ducted Gas (30+ years) and Evaporative Cooling (14 years).

The aim is to use automation to opportunistically heat/cool the house using the excess solar that I create (11kw system). The Solar FiT is 8c and only getting lower, so pumping the house to use as a massive heat battery seems like a good idea. Paying $1000’s of dollars to save a few doesn’t make this viable.

I have looked at multiple systems, several vendors seem to try and lock you in to their controllers with a huge price tag for ‘smart’ and cloud based control. Obviously all this really takes is a $6 Wemos D1 and HomeAssistant.

I still need/want the manual wall control.

Your experience and recommendations are welcome.

I have a Daikin FDYA100AV1 12.5kw with Daikin Airbase BRP15B61. The system integrates well with HA other than a currently open issue regarding fan Auto mode.

Wall mounted control panel.

This system does not have individually controlled zones, other than by manually closing dampers.

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@tom_l do you know the power profile of your unit?

Can you set it to low/medium/high to limit the amount of energy that it might consume?
EG: Low = 900w, Medium = 1600w. High = 2200w ?

It would be very handy if I could adjust the power consumption based on the available amount of Solar export.

It’s on or off.

I’m using an izone system (myzone 3) with a MHI unit. So the controller is what gives the HA compatibility, the unit could be anything compatible i suppose. Wasn’t cheap though. I think around $1k for the “top” controller. Which has it’s own terrible cloud based app I thankfully don’t need to use.

Power profile is a very interesting concept you have given me a great idea and I will have to investigate for my own unit

My Mitsubishi Split (downstairs) uses about 1200w when heating or cooling.

Limiting the units power consumption like that would potentially prevent it from being able to maintain the temperature you desire.
The other way of achieving essentially the same concept would be to use a climate entity in HA and automations to change the desired temp based on your available solar. ie: if there isn’t much solar power coming in, increase the cooling temp setpoint so the A/C unit doesn’t try to work hard to maintain a nice cold temperature. Likewise for heat mode.

what did you end up going with?