Authentication (loss of connection) issues with multiple components since upgrading to 75.x

I have not moved over to 76.x yet, due the the open zwave, but plan on doing it when I have a bit of time to set aside. I have been having quite a few “random” issues with sensors not reporting, or loss of connection to devices. Specifically, my local camera (hikvision component), my ecobee sensors, and google travel time (occasionally).
Also quite a few errors throughout my logs about items not reporting for 10 seconds, 300 seconds (zwave), etc. I definitely did not have so many delays, or loss of connectivity before.

Was wondering if others have had component issues since upgrading. I searched but did not see anything current with ecobee or cameras.

I know that a lot of work is going into auth, so maybe they are related? Maybe upgrading will help?

No issues here, actually had improvements on connectivity to devices.