"Auto-login" to HA on a NUC

I’m new to HA and to this forum as well. This community seems so powerful, I’m glad to join HA family!
I’ve just managed to install HA on a NUC.
Everything went well but when I start my NUC, I have to login to HA using login “root”. After this HA starts properly and I can login to HA with my personal user/password credentials through a web browser on my laptop.
With the current setup, if my NUC restarts, the system requires someone to type “root” when login is prompted…
Ideally, I’d like to have HA to start automatically when the NUC starts. (i.e without having to type “root” manually)
On my very first attempt to install HA, I didn’t have to type “root” to start HA. HA was running from a USB stick which was not OK but at least it did start automatically without any login prompt/command so there must be a way…
I don’t see any point of this login “root” given there’s no password and given that I have to login on the web browser client with my own login/password…

I did search quite a lot online but don’t know how to fix this issue…(looks like some other people have the same problem though…)

Many thanks in advance for your help!

How did you install Home Assistant? Did you:

  1. Flash a Home Assistant OS image?
  2. Use Docker (Home Assistant Container)?
  3. Use pip install (Home Assistant Core)?
  4. Use the Supervised installer?

Thanks for your response.
I’ve managed to fix it by reinstalling HA with the latest version and everything is working perfectly!
The initial version installed was an old one…
All sorted now!

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