Auto turn on laptop when shutdown (HA system)

I’ve installed the HA on my laptop.
I want after power breakdown that the laptop will automatic turned on.

there no wake on ac / wake on lan in the bios of the laptop…

how can I connect any smart device to the laptop to turn it on remotly?
please help!

You probably can’t. Something like Fingerbot may work, but you’d need it controlled from something other than HA.

fingerbot I’ve tried already. its on BLE and need a remote access…

Might be enough to set up a esp to bridge the power button pins so they can be triggered via a gpio switch. :hammer_and_wrench:

If you are able to “harvest” power dire from the laptop (psu) for the esp you should be good just trigger the configured switch on_boot so your laptop should turn when when power is recovered :raised_hands: