Autodetected sensors on Home tab won't go away

I’m new to Home Assistant, but liking it so far! However I’m having some trouble with the removal of those round default sensors that appear when you auto detect something. In my case its the following sensors

I’ve been searching the web, and as far as i can tell i can remove them by setting the hidden attribute on their entity in my customize.yaml file. I’ve done this and verified my configuration to be OK. Also i can see that my configuration seem to be correct as it shows up like so in the configuration options for the entity:

Was going to show an image here, that shows the entity configuration with a text saying “The following attributes are already set in custominze.yaml” and below that a checkmark next to a caption saying “Hide from UI” which is checked. Since I’m a new user i can’t show more than one image unfortunately.

But yet, i still see the device on my home tab as shown above. Why is that? And how can i hide it for good ? It has to be said that i do use the sensor in another panel. I just don’t want it to show in the round thing on top

These are badges, and you can edit them if you ‘Take control’ over your Lovelace UI.

I have already taken control of my Lovelace UI. But i do not see what you mean ? If im the UI or in the “Configure UI” mode I’m not able to remove them

If you edit your view, aren’t they listed in the ‘BADGES’ tab?

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I’m pretty sure they would’ve been there yes. I actually ended up using the textbased editor after i had entered the Configure UI. From there i simply emptied out the badges array.