Automated Deployment using Ansible and Docker Compose YAML

If anyone is interested in running Home Assistant Core in a Docker container (along, with ESPHome, Mosquitto, NodeRED, an Nginx reverse proxy, and a bunch of other stuff), I have a project on GitHub that does just that.

The repository is here: GitHub - DavesCodeMusings/CloudPi: Cloudy with a chance of raspberries.

The documentation is here: CloudPi | Cloudy with a chance of raspberries.

The end result is a single Pi 4 running the aforementioned Home Assistant stack and also Nextcloud, Samba shares, self-hosted DNS, self-hosted LDAP, and a self-hosted certificate authority (CA). My goal was to cram as much as possible onto a single Pi 4. Performance is surprisingly good on the 4Gig model B and an external SSD.

I’ve automated all of the base software installations and configurations using Ansible. So, no tedious typing of command-line options. The Docker containers are deployed using either docker-compose or Portainer Community Edition with Docker Compose YAML files. You can go from bare metal Pi to fully functioning system in a few hours with the scripted install. (You’ll still need to configure and customize Home Assistant and the other apps, though.)

If you’ve got a little time to kill and a Pi 4 you want to max out, give it a try.