Automatically reset heating to scheduled temperature after amount of time

If someone changes the heating temperature on a thermostat, I’d like Home Assistant to cancel the override after an hour, for example.

I’ve had a look over the last few days, but I’m not sure how to properly write this automation.
If anybody can guide me the right way, I’d appreciate it!

Edit: If it helps, I’m using Wiser

honeywell integration knows a service call EVOHOME.CLEAR_ZONE_OVERRIDE to return to ‘followSchedule’, some others have somthing similar.

i use the set_zone_override for a small period so it automagically reverts to schedule after that.

description: ''
  - platform: state
    entity_id: climate.tuinkamer
    attribute: preset_mode
    to: temporary
    for: '00:00:05'
condition: []
  - delay:
      hours: 0
      minutes: 30
      seconds: 0
      milliseconds: 0
  - service: evohome.set_zone_override
      entity_id: climate.tuinkamer
      setpoint: 19.5
        minutes: 5
mode: single
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I see. That makes sense. I couldn’t work it out, but now it’s so obvious.

Is there a way I could use the trigger as multiple devices, and then make the device that triggered the automation be reset?

eg {trigger-device} is set to override for xyz.
{trigger-device} is set back to schedule via Device

Is there a variable I can use?

i’m not the greatest on template, but that would be the way to go. Template trigger for any zone/thermostat.
Turning the right zone to followSchedule, could be a ‘choose’ action with multiple sub items with the proper entities and conditions.

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I’d love to have that call for my US Honeywell platform (using the standard Climate integration.)

I don’t see any reference to it in the documentation. Is it an EU-only (evhome) thing?

Seems little different, but as it uses somecomfort lib, I would suggest looking at available service calls in services tab ( dev)

It mentions cancel_hold command, which sounds like the command you need

I tried that. Nothing like that under Climate:. The closest I see are “Set swing mode” and “Set preset mode” but to be honest, I don’t know what those do. And there’s no list of value to pick from, so I can’t even guess.

preset mode could help you here. Look in Dev menu for the states and see what your thermostat reports on that
I have two types, one per zone and one for house ‘state’

It should switch to ‘temporary’ mode when manual adjusted. Then you could reset to ‘none’ , but the trick is then, how to get the right set_temperature. would be doable, but requires a bit templating again.

Hmm. I have not seen anything which looks like that. In States, when I select a Climate device, the attributes are shown in YAML, not graphically. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

However, I do have this attribute:

permanent_hold: false

And the value is shown as “true” when I - you guessed it - set the thermostat to Permanent Hold. I’m not sure how to change that in HA, or even if changing it would propagate the change back to the thermostat.