Automating Level 1 EV charging at home

Hello all,

I have a Chrysler Pacifica PHEV and am trying to automate level 1 charging. I have a plug-in cordset that is 120v and an outdoor outlet on my porch that I plug it into. The house has solar and battery. I want to find a good way to automate charging from excess solar. I can’t find any integration that works with Chrysler/Mopar/Uconnect/SiriusXM Guardian. I’m not sure if a smart plug is a good idea for continuous high load. I don’t see a smart outlet that does energy monitoring and works with HA. I don’t see any replacement Level 1 plug-in charging cordsets that have smarts.

What recommendations are there for HA-integrated charge start/charge stop with energy monitoring?

Zooz ZEN15 is good for 15 amps, which should be the max draw of your L1 EV charger:

I use one to monitor my sump pump’s running times via its energy monitoring function…