Automation based on Google calendar event with specific word in descriprion

Hi There!
Is it possible to create an automation that has as a trigger a Google Calenda event that contain a specific word in the description (that contains more then one word).
Example: I have an event where the description is something like: “Metting for testing my new config”.
I want that the trigger is based only on the presence of “meeting” in the description.
Thank you!

- cal_id: "*****"
  - device_id: test_unimportant
    name: UnImportant Stuff
    track: true
    search: "#UnImportant"
  - device_id: test_important
    name: Important Stuff
    track: true
    search: "#Important"
    offset: "!!"

Hi @ha_user22323,
Thank you! I will give it a try! :slight_smile:

Well i tried it.
But i’m doing something wrong and can’t find it.

So first off all, it’s working default.
I see my 3 calendars in my developers tools, i have my calender with all my events, so that’s ok.

my google_calender.yaml was ok.
When i added 3 events with a #tag then he didn’t imported them.
Ok, restart → not ok and he put automatic my default calender back at the bottom.

is there a syntax error, i’m really looking over it…