Automation editor with packages

I have just set up my existing HASS configuration to use packages. Now i have read about the new automation editor which needs automation rules in a single automation.yaml on its own. I think this interferes with the concept of packages as in “Having all associated entities, views, groups, customizings, and so on in a single file”.

Is it planned to update the automation editor in further releases to respect the packages configuration layout? If so, i would consider not to use it now for myself, but rather wait for such release. Thank you.

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Any update on this?

I have switched to using packages for lamp where I have a slider and automation to detect if a script changed the brightness value and update the slider or the slider changed the brightness value.

Cirrection: I got thinking and all my automation showed up when I had only packages. When I added automation to a folder outside of the packages the package automation quit working. Is there a way that we could have both working?

still nothing?