Automation : Evohome detect when TVR switch on


I’m new to HA.
My setup :

  • Honeywell Evohome thermostat + connected TVRs
  • Fujitsu multi-split AC

Both are already integrated in HA but i’m struggling a bit to setup the automation i’d like.

What i’d like to achieve is to detect when the TVR is activated/deactivated (open/close) so i can switch on/off the AC in heat mode to boost the heating efficiency of the room.
As of now, the only condition I could think of is : “current_temperature < (desired)temperature”

But evohome is quite good at managing the temperature inertia of the room vs the next period desired temperature. (ie : do not switch the heat if there’s X minutes left for the current schedule and the next T° is Y degrees below the current temperature).

Is there any better way to handle it ? From what i could read, the info available in the advanced setting of the evohome controller (the open %-age of the TVR) is not available through the API. But I guess there must be a better way.
If anyone have any better idea, shoot them :slight_smile:

Thanks for you support

there is lots of info on the honeywell climate entity in attributes. With little templating (my worst skil), you would be able to see start of next schedule and decide to help with AC or not… and some temp differences and more i suppose

current_temperature: 19.5
temperature: 20
preset_mode: temporary
  this_sp_from: '2022-10-11T08:40:00+02:00'
  this_sp_temp: 15
  next_sp_from: '2022-10-11T16:30:00+02:00'
  next_sp_temp: 13
zone_id: '3319684'
active_faults: []
  target_heat_temperature: 20
  setpoint_mode: TemporaryOverride
  until: '2022-10-11T16:30:00+02:00'
  temperature: 20
  is_available: true