Automation for Email HA Shopping List


I am trying to create an automation to send me the items in my shopping list via email every Monday. I host Home Assistant locally and would like to have the list sent to me every week rather than logging into my VPN to view the list in Home Assistant. So far I am successfully getting emails sent but I am struggling on the data piece. How do I get the JSON list sent via email? Parsing the JSON list would be a bonus also. My yaml for the automation is below:

alias: Grocery List Update
description: ""
trigger: []
  - condition: time
    before: "07:15:00"
      - mon
    after: "07:00:00"
  - service: notify.132_home_assistant
      message: This is the current grocery list.
      title: Grocery List Update
        config/shopping_list.json: null
mode: single