Automation - light turn on area broken

Since the update to 2021.3 my light automatons seem to be broken. So I went in to try and create a new automation, and I see for Action -> Service -> Light Turn on, you can select Pick Area, Pick Device, Pick Entity.

Initially only one area shows up when I selected “pick area”. And it was my Kitchen. Even though I have other areas, they don’t show up. So I went in and deleted all my areas, and re-created them, but now it just shows “No matching areas found”. Even though I have areas with lights in them.


I got the same problem. Couldn’t find a fix till now.

Same here…

Seems like maybe this is a new feature introduced recently that is broken or unfinished for some reason?

At blueprints I already used it before 2021.3 and it worked. But after using the same frontend for ‘developer tools -> service’ and in ‘automation ui’ it seems to be broken. Did it work for anyone? May there are some side effects leading to this issue?

Got the same issue… Following

+1 same issue here. No areas available in GUI.

I did discover if you edit in YAML and then put in the uuid area_id, it works.
This is my “Family Room” but it does not work with that value. I had generated the areas via the GUI, so they got auto-generated UUIDs, which you can get when you go to Configuration > Areas > [select area] > Gear Icon (top right). They’re displayed there.

edit: forgot I should put the actual YAML in a code block vs just screenshot. My bad.

service: light.turn_on
  area_id: 044bd63510ac11eb8aaa9f1b2c2060e2 #Family  Room

Seems to be intermittent as well. I was able to select from some (but not all) of my areas.
I edited in YAML, then switched back to visual, and it does now show them selected (translating the UUIDs for their names), so guessing it’s just a UI bug.

A quick +1 to this, noticed that some of my areas aren’t selectable, even though they have tons of lights. Will use the YAML until fixed.