Automation no longer getting called with scene activation

I had an automation when a scene is activated it would take action. This stopped working a few days ago and I have no idea why. Here’s the snippet that was working before (just showing tirgger here for brevity):

alias: Goodnight was called
description: When the goodnight scene is called, set house mode to sleeping.
  - platform: event
    event_type: call_service
      domain: scene
      service: turn_on
        entity_id: scene.good_night
condition: []

Why won’t this trigger work anymore?

What’s the trace say?

Subscribe to the call_service event in the developer tools → event tab and perform the action that you do when you turn the scene on. See if the event appears.

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Another thing to consider is if you accidentally saved the scene when you were debugging it, thus saving the current device settings into it and overwriting your previously defined settings. This was a super frustrating experience for me with scenes until I realized to NOT save the scene unless it was active or I would overwrite the settings I so carefully laid out. If you did this then it would seem like the scene didn’t run when it did but just set the devices to a state you aren’t looking for.

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I resolved the problem. Performed full restart of the application and the automation started working again. All good ideas here to debug the problem and appreciate it.