Automation Not Firing At Correct Time

I’ve seen this happen on quite a few other posts but after looking through them I’ve not been able to figure out where my issue is. All of my time based automations are not firing at the correct time- this includes the sunrise/sunset built in timing and specified times using before/after in the trigger config as well.

My automations are firing approx 2.5 hours late (not off by like 60 or 120min as if there were a timezone issue).

Here is one example from this morning - the switch should turn off 2.5hrs before sunrise (which happened to be at 7:01AM today) so this should have fired at about 04:30

Second example – simple automation that should trigger daily at specified time. basement lock should trigger daily at 07:00 but today it fired at 09:24.

Here are my time readouts — bottom left terminal is time from the hass docker container. Top terminal is the host time. The hass instance is set to the correct and same timezome as the docker container, docker host, desktop etc.

There seems to be something off with utc time based on the screenshot of the terminal

Uname is returning 19:53 UTC while date command is returning 18:43 EDT

If your local time (edt time) was actually 18:43 then utc should read 22:43

Not sure what you need to do to fix, just pointing it out.

I believe uname returns the date and time the kernel was compiled. Any other thoughts?