Automation not working - not invoking action even if variable is ok

I’m quite a newbie to HA so, maybe, is a trivial question… but I got stuck.
I have a thermostat and I can read the heating %

I’ve created an automation quite simple.

Calorifero Studio is the device I can read. The data I’m interested is Heating

What I’ve done on the Automation (on the right of the image) is that if the heating % is above 1% it should put the switch On.

Not I’ve tested the actions (Run Action) and is ok.

The issue is that even if the Heating percentage is 18% and moves from 18% to 29% the action is not triggered.
What am I missing?

I’m doing everything via UI

Leaving aside the odd units of %, if you are using a numeric state trigger “above: 1” it will only trigger when crossing from below 1 to above 1.

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Thank you.

Is there any way to define the condition “if above” not “if crossing”