Automation trigger doesn't work - using outdoor YoLink Motion detector with HA

I am new to HA and I created a simple automation to detect motion, turn-on a light, wait two minutes, and turn-off light using the outdoor Yolink motion sensor and Yolink outlet. When I select the RUN in HA, the light comes on, then it goes off after two minutes. However, the automation is not triggering based on the motion detection (automation trigger). I can see the motion detection led on the motion detector come on, and the YoLink app reports that motion was detected (Note: I have tried the same automation using the YoLink app and it works). Can anyone suggest something for me to try in HA? Thanks in advance for your reply…

Here are the two outdoor YoLink items that I am using:

Can you post the YAML of the automation so we can see what may be going wrong.

I got this reply:

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· 6 hr. ago

Yolink “alerts” were broken in 2024.1.4. What version are you using?

fix expected in 2024.1.6

Seems to be fixed in 2.2.1

I had a similar problem where the state of the motion sensor would only update twice an hour.