Automation with presence detection to stop google voice commands being accepted

I’ve automated my garage door opener and i’ve also integrated google home so i can use a voice command to open or close my garage door. While thats great, it got me thinking…could someone shout though my letterbox with the command “Hey google, open garage door” and open it? While only mine and my partners voice has been synced with google, this seems like a weak spot.

What i would like to do, it only allow voice commands to work based on presence detection, and idea how i could do that? I’ve got a lot of YAML automations but have been building on my NodeRed, so either option would be ok. I’m a little stuck for how i would actually get that into NodeRed. Logically to me, it would be good to have a automation that disables the door while we are away or just disable voice commands for the garage door while away.

As a stop-gap, i have a smart switch turning the garage door nodeMCU off if i’m away, but it doesn’t seem like the smartest way of doing it.