Automations continuing to actions despite conditions not passing

Hey guys,

I have been trying to add a boolean switch to create a Vacation Mode in my home which then stops certain automations from running eg: heating

When I add this to the conditions of my automation and test it, it works as expected ie: “condition did not pass” when Vacation Mode is on.
However very strangely, when I run the automation, it somehow bypasses this condition and moves straight to the actions! it is so frustrating and I don’t know why???

Any help would really be appreciated.
thank you

If you mean manually running the automation, then that skips all triggers and conditions and just runs the actions.

If you run the automation from Developer Tools → Services and choose the automation trigger service there is an option to not skip the conditions.

‘WOW!!! I cannot believe how simple the answer was. And I searched for an hour on this forum trying to find it before writing this post.
Thank you so much @tom_l for the answer, that was the problem.’

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