Automations slow response lights

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Hi, i’m using automations to trigger my lights on motion.
The lights are using zigbee, but i notice a slow response some times when i enter a room.
Most of the times it is running good and fast, but lately the response takes 1-2 seconds.

Running on docker environment using intel-nuc i3 with SSD.

Any tips to make the delay go away?

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Thank you, i’ve changed it.

What ZigBee stick are you using ? How many ZigBee devices ?

CC2531 as coordinator
CC2531 as router

8 Light bulbs
2 Signal repeaters
14 Zigbee devices (blinds, motion sensors, …)

Did you make any progress with this one? I’m having the same issue albeit switching a lamp on with a zigbee smart plug, with a conbee 2 stick on rpi3.

After my latest reply i didn’t get a response. Still having the problem.
2 weeks i read a possible solution about the zigbee map plugin. It could cause a delay for the lights during updating the map, but it looks like it’s not a solution.

Same problem using deconz usb ii. It takes 2-3 seconds after cabled sensors get motion. In this automation only the light is zigbee. I also have a zigbee switch connected to this very same light. Pressing it causes 1-2 seconds for light reaction.

Using hassio on ubuntu intel nuc i7 with deconz usb ii.

EDIT: could it be about the default transition on/off and this light is not supporting it? At least i know my light and sonoff zigbee switch doesn’t support it.

Switching off from within HA seitches the light off instantly, however switching on takes 2 seconds.

Tried the same with gledopto zigbee led driver connected to hue lightstrip, on and off are instant both with transition effects.

All my lights are IKEA TRADFRI, i shall edit the transition and see if it’s working. Thanks for the possible hint!

I have similar problem with my installation.
When I was using Xiaomi Hub + Xiaomi button = light turned on much quicker.
Since I moved the bulb and the button to zigbeee2mqtt - the latency increased almost twice. Now it may take up to a couple of seconds to react.

I run mqtt monitor and was able to see that zigbee2mqtt publish the message with the delay once I pressed Xiaomi button. Looks like the radio part requires way more time to recognize the event, probably?
I could also see that using IKEA button instead of Xiaomi - decreased that delay a bit.

May that be a bug or an issue in the firmware?
Or it is a price we have to pay for widest compatibility of our zigbee sticks in comparison to vendor-specific hubs?