Automations with MQTT lights not working

Okay, So Im using the web-based automation editor, and any automation I create for my only light at the moment, will not trigger. State stays the same inside HA, and physically the light does nothing.

I redid my json from my old automations.yaml file on my last working config from my previous migration of the server from another machine.

The JSON for the automation part.

  "brightness": "50",
  "color name": "red",
  "effect": "solid",
  "entity_id": "light.bedroom_led_strip",
  "transition": "255"

And from the old yaml file on my last config, basically the same thing…

- id: '1546486692263'
  alias: Bedtime
  - at: '23:00'
    platform: time
  condition: []
  - data:
      brightness: 10
      color_name: red
      effect: solid
      entity_id: light.bedroom_led_strip
      transition: 10
    service: light.turn_on

Any ideas on why its not working? To my knowledge Im doing the exact same thing as last time… The light still works via HA front end, MQTT and Alexa commands

try wrapping all of the values (not the key part, just the value part) except for the entity_id in the data: section with quotes.