Automatization with tuya wifi switches?

Hi, I’m pretty new to HA and currently trying to slowly replace all regular devices in my house on smart analogs.
In one of my rooms I wanted to make a 3 gang switch with one of them connected remotely to the load. So 2 switches are connected regularly and 1 operates distant light.
I thought it will be a pretty trivial task and just bought a tuya 3-gang wifi wall switch. The distant light should be controlled via simple wifi hidden switch (have several in my stock) and HA automatization.
But it doesn’t work. In fact it works, but only from UI, I didn’t manage to make it work with actual button click and then I discovered, that HA in fact doesn’t know about current state of wall switches.
Am I missing something? I thought that HA should know that someone turned the switch on manually, but as I can see from UI, it doesn’t.

The existing tuya integration is based on polling - and can be slow - assuming it actually handles your 3 gang switch (it can be picky)

can you use HA to change the state of the switch? On the socket itself are the switches momentary switches, or actual “manual two way switches”.

I have wifi light swtiches (1, 2, 3 gang variants) - these work - HA is aware of the change in status, but can take a minute or two to detect it.

Well, from HA everything works momentary. I can change state of all gangs from Smart Life or HA and it takes only a split second to work. Even this automation works perfectly, if I turn the gang ON from the UI - the distant switch changes state as well.
The Smart Life app knows that state was changed almost the moment I press the physical button, but HA for some reason doesn’t get the update and still shows the old state. It will update eventually, but can take more than 5 minutes.
Didn’t notice it before trying to make this automation. Is there a way to speed up the polling process for this specific switch?

Okay, maybe anyone can suggest another wall switch brand? The one that can be integrated into HA and will update it’s status with at least one second delay.