Avatar Smart Plug and ESHome

I got 4 Smart Plug from Avatar at Amazon, 4 for 40€. I saw they use the Smart Life App so should work with Tuya_convert, and they did. I could flash ESPhome home onto them. But I can only get the blue LED and Button working, not the energy measuring. I thing the GPIO Config is wrong.

I used this tutorial to flash them and bring them to ESPHome, some gaps in the tutorial but I could solve it. But I can not get the GPIO config working.

Maybe anyone here uses this devices or similar or has a hint what GPIO ports to use for the power.

Here is the ESPHome config for the energy sensor, I also tried to write it with GPIO12 or GPIO05 or GPIO5. But I have now idea what could be correct. The ESP Documentation for hlw8012 shows the config without anything, just the number. So I think that should be correct.

  - platform: hlw8012
      number: 12
      inverted: True
    cf_pin: 4
    cf1_pin: 5
    current_resistor: ${current_res}
    voltage_divider: ${voltage_div}
      name: "${plug_name}_Amperage"
      unit_of_measurement: A
      name: "${plug_name}_Voltage"
      unit_of_measurement: V
      name: "${plug_name}_Wattage"
      unit_of_measurement: W
      id: "${plug_name}_Wattage"
    change_mode_every: 8
    update_interval: 10s
  - platform: total_daily_energy
    name: "${plug_name}_Total Daily Energy"
    power_id: "${plug_name}_Wattage"
        # Multiplication factor from W to kW is 0.001
        - multiply: 0.001
    unit_of_measurement: kWh

Hope anyone can help.

according to the specs it does not support energy monitoring

still a good deal and product

Shit think you are right, thought that because of something I saw in a screenshot. Thanks

Hi @skycryer can you help me out on an issue with those plugs? You are German right?

I run into issue during flashing, maybe you already know how to? This is my thread

Will this work with these as well?

It shows up as ESP D11062 but I have no idea where the number part came from…

Could you share your ESPHome config? I recently got one of these Avatar switches from Amazon and still able to use tuya-convert to flash them OTA.