Average consumption of an appliance

If I track the consumption of a device, say the washing machine, how would I create a sensor that is continuously updated to reflect the average consumption of the appliance?

I’d like to use the output to decide whether or not to run the appliance based on our excess solar generation…

Welcome your thoughts!

Well you will buy a smart plug with energy monitoring. It will create sensors for you. You can use helper to create daily, weekly and monthly consumption.

Thanks Dan,

Got the plug, and the sensors.

It’s the helper I’m not clear about. I don’t want daily usage etc, if the washer goes on three times a day for one day and not at all on another day then that is not useful in this case.

I want to monitor the average energy consumption when an appliance is used, and update the sensor each time so I can see any difference over time and get a feel for how much solar production I need to judge when to use the device.

For example, if I know that the washer requires 1.25kWh, on avg (depending on wash programme etc) and I know we are producing > 2kW with a good forecast for the next hour then I’d consider putting another wash on!

I don’t have solar but I do have smart plugs and I know how much power is used by one washing cycle. I don’t know how you turn on you machine, I use fingerbot.
You can create automation that will run machine if you have more than x kw of energy .


But that is just based on one observation, if for example you use the washing machine on once a day, then look at the daily consumption?
That’s not what I’m looking for.

Thanks though