AVM Fritzbox tools via integration, Problem with naming

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I want to change the configuration for device tracking of my fritzbox router to the new integration and delete the yaml-based one (which is working great), however when i do that all my devices get rediscovered and they end up having names like these: device_tracker.myphone_2.
I dont want to have the _2 at the end, since i have to reconfigure all my automations .
Is there a way to avoid manually renaming all the devices and deleting the old ones?

If you remove the entry in configuration.yaml before configuring the new integration it should pick up most/all of the devices properly (depending on their naming on the router).

All the _2 entries are where there is an existing device from the legacy tracking and then the same device is found again by the integration, and so you get the duplicate with the _2.

I had this overnight, and I rolled back the upgrade, removed the config file entry and upgraded again (and then went in and configured the integration only at that point) and there are more or less no duplicates any more.

Thx although i also had to remove the known devices config file also

Removing the configuration.yaml file entry will stop it referring to the known_devices.yaml file.

That will basically orphan it (at least as far as the Fritzbox device tracking is concerned), so you can remove the file if you want or just leave it.