AVM Fritzbox - Trigger for New Devices

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Would it be possible to add a trigger to the new AVM Fritzbox integration, to allow automations to be run when a new device is added?

Before we could use the event device_tracker_new_device for that task, but since the swap over to the new set-up and the removal of known_devices.yaml it doesn’t work any more.

Could something be added in to restore that?

Also to clarify, how often does the integration check for new devices on the network? I just had some “interesting” times getting a new Android phone to detect.

Would a “search for new devices” button in the config settings be something that could be worth adding to trigger a search immediately?

Yes, I also used the old event “device_tracker_new_device” which misses in the new integration, and would love to get it in the new one also!