AVM Smarthome integration - TLS Support ( Port 49443)?

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Hi Guys :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if AVM SmartHome integration support TLS ?
I used it with node-red and I think it was Port 49443 for encrypted TR-064 ?

I already tested if anything works unencrypted and it just works fine :slight_smile:
But I like to get this communication encrypted…

I heard AVM Smarthome integration using pifritzhome python module and in pifritzhome you can use https://(host IP) instead (host IP) to enable encrypted communication.

But if I try to configure AVM SmartHome manually and using https://(host IP) → no devices found !

Stay healthy and have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: double checked → AVM is using Port 49443 for encrypted TR-064

Does nobody have answers about ? :frowning:

internet>online monitor> myfritz and it’s port 40443

Hm I dont think you read my question - completly offtopic…

I asked about TLS support to communicate with my fritzbox using HA and I heard HA using pyfritzhome libs to connect to fritzboxes - pyfritzhome support TLS…

But Like I said If I am using https://my-ip (in smarthome configuration) - HA wont find any devices.
Only if I am using unencrypted configuration…

See 1: https://avm.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Global/Service/Schnittstellen/AVM_TR-064_first_steps.pdf (Page 9 - 4.2 Encryption and Page 28 - 10.6 SOAP Response)

See 2: pyfritzhome Source (Line 106 - 117)