Axis integration broke recently?

I’ve been using the axis integration for a long time, but when upgrading to homeassistant 0.111 from I think 0.109, the integration broke. I no longer see the pictures.

When I delete and try to re-create the device from the integrations page, I get a “bad user credentials” error, but I can log into the camera just fine with my web browser using the same username and password.

In my log, I get errors like this:

[homeassistant.components.axis] Connected to device at but not registered.

It used to work. Any ideas on what might be going wrong? Thanks.


If I traced the connection with tcpdump, I see a POST to /axis-cgi/apidiscovery.cgi without authentication that fails, then one that works with authentication for "method": "getApiList", followed by two that fail for "method": "getAllProperties".

Then I increased the permissions of the account from viewer to operator, and now it seems to work. So perhaps the issue was actually from updating the axis firmware.

Yeah I forgot to consider viewer accounts when adding new APIs. There is a current issue and a PR is up to fix it