Axpertino - Voltronic, Axpert, Easun gateway for Home Assistant

Full funcion gateway for getting and settings values via serial port between voltronics inverters and Home Assistant. After flash via Xloader to Arduino Mega 2560, please load default settings, by connecting pin 40 and GND and restart arduino. Default ip adress is, default logins are user/user or admin/admin. In webinterface, set MQTT parameters to broker in HA. You can use special function, COMMAND. This send message with automaticaly calculated CRC to invertor, and you get any answer !!!
If you want use Nextion TFT display for settings inverters, you need microSD card to import tft file to display.
Supported inverters:

  • Voltronic
  • Axpert
  • MPP Solar
  • Easun

You need:

  • Arduino Mega 2560 or a clone
  • Wiznet Ethernet Shield W5100
  • UART/RS232 converter ( 1 foreach inverter )
  • Nextion LCD Display type NX8048K050_011 (5" Enhanced) - optional

Serial connection on Arduino:
Serial 1: Inverter 1
Serial 2: Inverter 2
Serial 3: Nextion display

Project site
Download software

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I am looking into an cheep inverter for charging batteries at night with cheep electricity and use it during the day when the price is high.
With this gateway, is it possible to make an Easun inverter to charge batteries specific hours and then discharge the batteries specific hours when price is high controlled from Home Assistant?

Škoda že je to uzavřený projekt, Mega je zybtečně drahá na todle a na ESP32 to nenaportuji bez zdrojáků.

Axpert converters and their clones that Axperino is programmed to do not allow switching bat/line mode with any command

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The project will be compatible with Arduino Zero after the update for SAMD21 M0 processors

Is there any reason, to make this project closed source?

Also I am quite amazed that you’ve apparently gone thru the hassle of writing your own network stack, drivers for the W5100, etc!

There is a lot of work involved without using open-source libraries.

The version that is shared, is web library webduino, that not work with SAMD21 CPU. Now I am working on a new version, because is very much requirements for read from three inverters, and mega is no longer sufficient for this purpose. It will also give more space to meet other requirements in the future. However, the current version is fully functional, I personally use it to read data from two inverters and it works without any problems, does not freeze and is reliable

The new version V1.11 for Arduino Mega (updated) is for download

Hello Forum,
has anyone been able getting this to work? I bought an Arduino Mega 2560 clone, * Wiznet Ethernet Shield W5100 and UART/RS232 converter. I flashed V1.01 and also tried V1.11 but whatever I do I’m not able to reach Axpertino via network.

could you please help me with the setup?

Setup is easy. After load to arduino, use a default reset, and then connect by IP to Axpertino. Your computer must have a IP in the same network. After connecting, you can change an IP settings of Axpertino to another IP, or DHCP.

This project is permanently closed.
You can use a free esphome integration PIPSolar inverter
PIPSolar inverter