Backup and apply your Hassio config as code

I love Hassio but I hate that it’s config is trapped in a web interface that prevents me from keeping it in source control with the rest of my Hass config.

I’ve hacked together a couple of scripts to help manage it.

One downloads your Hassio add-on configuration as YAML (it also bugs me we’ve got two different languages for config) so you can persist it in source control with the rest of your config.

The second script puts the config back again. It’ll update the repos you’re subscribed to, install any addons you had installed before and update all of their config. You can also use exactly the same “!secret” syntax you use in your regular Hass config and the script will replace it with values from your secrets.yaml.

The scripts are still really hacky at the moment, there’s a fair bit more work to be done to get them to a “nice to use” state. I’d recommend taking a snapshot before attempting to apply config by them. But they are good enough to play around with.

If people find them useful I can spend some more time improving the scripts.