Backup page never loads. Can I somehow manually get them via the HA CLI?


Upgrading to HA core 2023.06.2 left me with a broken setup - namely, webui didn’t work and I had to resort to “ha resolution” CLI commands to get the system back up and running (looks like there were a lot of missing images).

The Public URL WebUI didn’t work because the nginx proxy was no longer starting by default - It definitely did before. I fixed this via the private IP webui.

Now, due to the weird state HA was in, I would prefer to load up a previous backup and restore it with a fresh install, but this is where I run into an issue - the WebUI never finishes loading backups. It just tries loading forever.

When using “ha backups”, many are listed.

Is there a way to get my backups via the CLI? I’m linux savvy so It shouldn’t be a problem for me.

Using HAOS - libvirt appliance