Backup/Snapshot before upgrading to a new rev

So newbie here, starting playing with HA about a week ago.

I’ve been making backups on my config folder, but on Sunday I decided it was time for a full backup, so I took a full “snapshot” in Hassio. Then I used Samba to copy the backup file to my pc (very important step lol)

Little while later, I noticed a new version had come out, so I hit the upgrade button.

Maybe I screwed up the upgrade, but after the upgrade, MQTT stopped working, which is most of my HA setup to date. I spent a couple hours trying to figure how what happened, was getting pretty frustrated.

But then I remembered I had a recent backup. Burned a new SD card with the hassio image I had downloaded last week, plugged it in. Loaded up samba, copied the backup file over to HA, restored, and I’m back in business!! MQTT is working again.

So my PSA, take a full snapshot periodically, and especially before an upgrade or some major change.