Backup / Snapshot problems

I’m trying to find out why my snapshots are 13 GB big, I think it’s the influxdb, but I can’t be sure.
And untar’ing a full encrypted backup (which the google drive add-on does for me) can’t be done, so I did an unencrypted snapshot from the UI.
But this snapshot is only 1.9 GB, and despite me marking it as a ‘full’, I don’t see the influxdb in it, so what to do now?

You could ssh into your HA server, change to /backup, and then do a tar tvf on your latest snapshot. This will give you a list of archives per add-on, including size. Or, use a program like 7-Zip to poke around the tar files in /backup.

But that won’t give me a proper view as they are protected with a password :slight_smile:
So I just get a
tar: invalid tar magic
Same result as if I try to use 7-zip to untar it.

How about manually making a snapshot without a password and then analyzing that tar file?

Yes, that’s what I ended up with doing, but it of course takes ages to do that. I did find out what it is taking up space, it’s my unifi-poller