Backups are growing exponentially

Why are my backups growing exponentially?

I have been using Samba Backup add-on to make daily backups for more than a year. They have always been around 500Mb. But since the 2023.6.1 update, full backups have grown expotentially:

June 7, 515Mb
June 8, 517Mb
June 9, 515Mb
installed 2023.6.1
June 10, 2.5Gb
June 11, 11Gb

Just now, 12 hours after the June 11 1AM backup, 16.482Gb.
-rwxrw-rw- 1 steve steve 16481914880 Jun 11 13:11 8e356a7f.tar*

30 minutes later, 17.043Gb - an increase of 552 Mb

-rwxrw-rw- 1 steve steve 17042769920 Jun 11 13:56 bdecdd12.tar*

Has anyone else noticed this or am I doing something wrong?

Check the sizes of the files in your config directory. Likely either increased logs for some reason (in which case, review the logs to see what’s going on) or an increase in the database size.

500Mb in 30 minutes?

My whole config folder plus all subdirectories is only 559Mb and half of that is the home-assistant_v2.db file.

And the full backup has grown 500Mb in just 30 minutes? Something is wrong. What else is “Full Backup” backing up?

You can open the backup archive and see what’s taking all the space.

And, where is that?

Did you set up any shares inside the new share system?

EDIT: I just looked at my backup’s and they look about right.

You showed a picture of your backups in your first post. Those archives.

You may be on to something… What do you mean shares inside the share system? Do you mean folders under the shared folder? I do, but they have been there and collecting daily backups from other servers for years.

My setup is this:

My Home Assistant server is an Intel NUC, running X86 HAOS.
My network storage is another Intel NUC running Ubuntu 20.04
Here is my smb.conf on the storage NUC:

   comment = Backups folder
   path = /media/steve/7f9b413a-a874-7e48-9d1d-e9cb6beb0654/backups
   create mask=0777
   directory mask=0777
   read only = no
   browsable = yes
   guest ok = yes
   force group = steve
   force user = steve

Does “settings-system-backups” back up the root folders or just \config?

Any other ideas?

This is where my Samba Backup add-on puts the daily backup files.

I don’t know the answer but is what I was thinking.

Once you open one of the archives you should be able to see what the heck is going on.

Yes, and you can open those archives with a suitable app (depends on your OS) and answer your question about what’s making them grow in size. They’re just TAR files.

Thanks- Nailed it. This was one of my DOH! moments. \media is the culprit. Now I need to figure out why my Frigate add-on is making 15GB of data per day…

I didn’t go there first because I was under the impression that backup only copied the core and config folders. I was wrong.