Bad flickering with PWM Output

Anyone with experience and advice why a H801 controller would flicker so bad at low brightness? The cold and warm white channels are especially bad when at brightness < 20-30% and I start making changes to the values for the RGB channels. If the whites channel brightness stays above 30% - it’s all good, no flicker.

Here’s my setup:

H801 controlling two led strips - one RGB and one CCT (CWWW), both 24V, short length (~1m each).

  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: 04
    frequency: 1000 Hz
    id: pwm_cw
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: 14
    frequency: 1000 Hz
    id: pwm_ww
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: 15
    frequency: 1000 Hz
    id: pwm_r
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: 13
    frequency: 1000 Hz
    id: pwm_g
  - platform: esp8266_pwm
    pin: 12
    frequency: 1000 Hz
    id: pwm_b

  - platform: rgb
    name: "dekko top"
    red: pwm_r
    green: pwm_g
    blue: pwm_b
  - platform: cwww
    name: "dekko bottom"
    cold_white: pwm_ww
    warm_white: pwm_cw
    cold_white_color_temperature: 6500 K
    warm_white_color_temperature: 2700 K

Now, if I keep increasing the frequency for the two white channels (up to 5K), the flicker will eventually subside and disappear but so will the color temp gradient - at high frequencies it will assume just three states - one cold, one in the middle, one warm with practically no nuances.

What’s up with that and how can I mitigate the flicker but retain the CCT gradient?

Thanks !!!