Basic installation questions

I am admittedly a complete noob at homeassistant and raspberry pi, but I do have some coding and programming experience and I need some help…

So, I have my new shiny model 4, i have flashed an sd card using balena. That’s where it gets complicated for me.

I am using these instructions:

I put the flashed card into the pi and powered it on, and I am seeing a stream of console messages. Note that this auto-loaded and all I have done is put the card into the pi and turned it on, nothing else.


I do not know if I have done this correct. The instructions say after flashing the sd card I need to load it into my virtual machine environment.

I don’t have one - how do I get one? Do I need one or do I let this continue?

Continue to the next step. That is only for an alternative installation method.

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Great, thanks.