Beginner setup guide Fibaro Keyfob FGKF-601 Question?

Hello everyone, I m new to the community, but after many smart home systems decided to try home assistant. For that I got Raspberry Pi 4B 4gb, installed latest Home Assistant OS, purchased Raspbee ii for zigbee and Aeotec USB Zwave Gen 5.
All zigbee devices through Deconz addon was easy enough to pair, but Zwave its a nightmare, especially with Fibaro KeyFob.

(For admins and experienced users) please don’t remove topic and don’t flame, I know that this topic was discussed many times on forums, but I was unable to find a full guide for beginners how to setup Fibaro KeyFob and make it work with other devices including Zigbee locks, there is no single or full guide how to do this from start to finish.

What progress I achieved so far:

  1. Setup of Zwave stick from Aeon was quiet easy after inputing device path /dev/ttyACM0 and even randomly generated network key. It doesnt matter if its Addon OpenZwave 0.9 (if you have OS version of Home Assistant) or Zwave Integration (not OpenZwave).
  2. Reseted keyfob settings by pressing Circle+Minus same time, then pressed Cross, and the pressed Plus (as manual says for factory reset)
  3. KeyFob was successfully added as a Node, after saving config file zwcfg*, stopping zwave network I was able to add proper settings for keys using the code from official website (search for Fibaro Keyfob FGKF-601)
  4. After starting Zwave network, I was able to add node keys to groups, basically as suggested here on forums need to select KeyFob as a node, then add each key (Square, Circle etc) to the group of Aeotec Zwave USB Stick. In order to add them it was needed to wake up the keyfob by pressing Circle+Plus at the same time and then press corresponding button. So now if I go to configuration of the KeyFob I will see that all the key presses detected.
  5. Basically Zwave USB Stick and KeyFob are configured, but now its time to do some base automations or scenes (single press Circle - turn on light, single press Square - turn off light, same with Open/Close Lock such as Danalock v3)
    But, things get strange at this point:
  1. Automations - shows device as battery level of the keyfob only, it doesnt show keyfob with it’s keys, after editing as yaml and writing code it cannot save automation giving an error.
  2. Scenes - choosing 2 devices Keyfob and for example Light bulbs doesn’t specify keys of the KeyFob to some some specific action. Basically creating a scene doesn’t do anything at all.

So forgive me for a long writing and being noob in this whole thing, but I did not find any solution of pointing specific keys to do specific action on specific device anywhere, but many people were saying that it was working fine, may I request your help, so we could complete the guide with screenshots in case someone else will have the same problem with this device or similar to it? In Smartthings it was easy, paired keyfob, made automation with pointing to the keys and presses, and thats it. What am I missing here? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi! Sorry I don’t have anything to suggest here, but I am interested in whether you got any further with this keyfob. How did it turn out?

Yes, installed Zwave.js integration and everything including keyfob works as it should, no more commands needed, just simple automations. Hope it helps )