Beginner's question: Dimming using Hue dial tap

Hello everyone,

I have a Hue dial tap that is integrated via Zigbee2MQTT. I would like to do the following with it:

Check: When I turn the dial, it should check which lamps are on in the “Living room” room.

Case 1: If no lamp is on and is turned clockwise, then the ceiling lamp should become brighter by turning (starting from 0)


Case 2: If a lamp in the living room is on, the active lamp should be controlled by turning it (not the ceiling lamp).

How can I implement this? Unfortunately, I don’t know how to implement this check of the active lamps in the named room (area?!) :sweat_smile:

That is not really Zigbee specific so probably better to post in upper “Configuration” forum instead:

Ayway, you will need to create some kind of automations for what you want to achieve. Sounds like automation conditions are what you want, so either one automation with conditions or several separate automation.

Also read up on “scenes” that capture the states you want certain entities to be:

Note, quite often there are “Blueprints” (community-made and shared pre-made automations and/or scripts) for many such devices and common tasks so you do usually do not need to create your own automations or scripts from scratch:

So start by searching for example “hue AND dial” in the Blueprints Exchange forum to find related :

If there are not a “Blueprint” for the device or thing that you want to automate then you currently need to create your own automation from scratch:

Tip; In the upcoming Home Assistant 2024.7 release (not in Beta) there will be a new feature that allows you to take ownership of a Blueprint to modify it (which is not possible in the currently available release), see Beta release notes → 2024.7: Beta release notes - Home Assistant

Take control over a blueprint-based automation or script

Blueprints are amazing; they allow you to use automations and scripts created and shared by other awesome Home Assistant users. Most are easy to use and set up, but what if that great blueprint you’ve been using just needs a little tweak? Just that tiny change to make it perfect for your home?

Well, now you can! :tada:

Temporary screenshot, image needs to be replaced by an actual screenshot.

You can now take full control over the automations created from a blueprint. By taking control, Home Assistant will fully convert the blueprint automation into a regular, stand-alone, automation, allowing you to make any tweak you want, without having to fully re-invent the wheel.

Play: Temporary screenrecording

Looking for some inspiration for your next automation? :bulb: Check out the Blueprint exchange on the Home Assistant Community Forum.

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