Best alarm interface for 2020 and the future for a Honeywell Vista 20p

I’ve seen tons of posts about alarm decoder (AD2USB, AD2SERIAL, and also the more expensive AD2Pi), but they don’t seem very much available to buy around. I’ve seen Eyez-On Envisalink 4, which seems a cheaper option that sponsors ethernet connectivity.

To me, Envisalink seems to have many advantages: having ethernet enables a long cable run. My HA Pi 4b /router is NOT close to the alarm panel, thus USB/serial or whatever from alarm decoder would require me to setup something such as zero W to bridge over wireless, but that’s extra coding / setup / complexity. If I can get away with a direct ethernet connection, that seems more reliable and easier to setup.

I’ve searched many posts, and many recommend alarm decoder, but they don’t seem to do much business anymore. Is Envisalink the winner these days?

I want to monitor the zones at all times, arm/disarm using automations in HA and setup a “call me” when the alarm rings.

Comments welcomed! :smiley:

If you like to do DIY stuff and are handy with a soldering iron, I think this is the best interface but then again I"m biased :slight_smile: For about 10 dollars in parts, you have everything you need. Of course, you sort have to be a hands on diy person to use it…

I like your design. However, I’m ready to shell 100 bucks because I lack time (and I have Home Assistant to setup, too!) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the design and the code, I’ll keep hat in my back pocket

However it does show out of stock so it might be a bit of a wait, or the need to purchase from a reseller.

RS232 can go a long way at low baud rates. A few hundred feet over a decent cable is no problem. Thousands of feet possible if you use a converter to twisted pair or RS485. The AlarmDecoder integration in Home Assistant supports serial.

I recently purchased the Alarm Decoder ad2pi in hopes that it would be easier and cleaner but I’m having issues with the integration in HA. When I use the AD2PI independently, outside HA everything works as expected but when enable the HA integration and point it at the AD2PI it crashes rather frequently. Are you also having this problem?

I went with envisalink, sorry I couldn’t help

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Did you every get this sorted out? I just ordered one myself.

Indeed I did, at some point during the setup of alarm decoder I selected “local device” instead of “network device. This resulted in two processes fighting over the com port which was causing my crashes. I haven’t had to restart since fixing it.