Best CHEAP E27 bulb?


Can you recommend a cheap smart light E27 bulb that works well with HA? I need to place (at least) one outside the house, in a proper sealed case, to light the zone and possibly flash red if someone is detected at night. There’s a Blink camera allready integrated with HA that seems OK for the purpose.
The bulb must be somewhat bright, i.e. 1500 lumen or so, not below 1000 at least.
I live in Europe (Italy), so probably the are few choices… a Philips HUE just to put it outside it’s a waste of money…

Thank you for help anyway!

Have a look at Yeelight, reasonably cheap, easy to integrate and control

800 lumen is a bit low, I was hoping for a more bright light. Well, thanks anyway I take it in consideration.

Don’t think there are any E27 smart RGB bulbs that are more than 800lm, even the Hue bulbs are 800lm, unless someone else has found any ?

I’ve found some china-tech bulbs, probably Tuya rebrand, that claims 15w - 1300 lumen, but… who knows… :wink: (and also it’s hard to integrate tuya bulbs in HA, it seems)

You could tuya-convert them (hopefully).
You could look on Blakadder to see if they are tuya-convert compatible