Best motion detector light switch

I can’t believe this isn’t easier to find. I have a motion detector light switch in my walk-in closet and I’d like to replace it with one that integrates with HA. Any suggestions?

I use something similar to this in my closet’s:

I did not see this application as something that needed to be automated in Home Assistant.

I don’t want to auto mate it necessarily, just tell when it is triggered.
I need a wall switch specifically.

@bkr1969 I know this is an old post but I’m curious if you ever found something? I have recently installed and added to HA the Kasa Smart Motion/Light Sensor Wall Switch. However, I’m not super thrilled that it’s mostly cloud only, and the HA integration doesn’t expose the motion/light sensors only the on/off switch. There still doesn’t seem to be a lot of great options out there. Seems like I will really end up needing to purchase 2 different devices.